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How it works

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The fine details

Any artist is welcome to sign up to Atlantic Music Store.  The store is now open to the public and fully functioning.


Artists will provide Atlantic Music Store with the required album information and we will apply the supplied logo to a range of merchandise on Atlantic Music Store. We will then set up your artist collection featuring all of your albums and merchandise which you can then share and promote across all of your social media channels.


When an order is placed, Atlantic Music Store will take care of all the manufacturing, fulfillment, and shipping of the product. We manufacture all of our merchandise in house using premium, factory quality discs, materials, and packaging. Artists can track their sales by logging into their artist dashboard, and will receive merchandise revenues monthly through PayPal. Commission rates will be determined by the types of products sold and packaging rates chosen. 

Addition features & benefits


  • Link your collection on Atlantic Music Store on your existing website, Facebook page, or social media platform to encourage direct sales of any of your products

  • Develop QR codes for live events or brochures which send users directly to your Atlantic Music Store collection

  • Never have to worry about maintaining or running out of inventory again (phew)

  • Order various quantities of your own merchandise to use for live shows and touring at great wholesale rates. If you're performing a larger gig, we can warehouse your high volume inventory at no cost and ship your products to key tour destinations as needed, so you don't have to carry it with you (shipping charges apply)


Cost & terms

Housing all of your CDs and merchandise on Atlantic Music Store's eCommerce solution costs only $12.99 per month +HST (approximately the sale of one CD!) for your first title and array of merchandise. Additional titles will cost $1.99 per month +HST per title and include there same full line of merchandise!

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, or direct bank transfer for our monthly subscriptions. 



Frequently asked questions

What information do I need to provide to get signed up? 

We will need the following information from artists for each title they want to place on Atlantic Music Store: Artist Name, Album Name, 200 word description of album, Album Cover (300x300px), High resolution Logo for merchandise (1 colour vector image preferred), High resolution album artwork zipped, Audio master as zipped Wav files or DDP.

What if I already have some inventory on hand?

If you've already have some inventory, that's great! We'll accept it, warehouse it, and sell it on Atlantic Music Store. You'll also get a larger return per sale on the inventory you provide, as we didn't need to manufacture it for you.

Will the CD packages you manufacture be the same as what I have?

The short answer is YES! We will manufacture your album with the same print packaging that you currently have. So, regardless if it is a single sleeve, jewel box, 6 panel eco sleeve or a digi-pak, that's what we will manufacture and what your customers will receive.

Can I download digital MP3 albums from Atlantic Music Store?

Right now we're only offering the sale of physical products, however we'll SOON be adding digital download to our suite of products for buyer direct download.

Can you offer Vinyl?

Unfortunately we cannot manufacture vinyl records on demand. Vinyl is an analogue and expensive process. As a result, we cannot offer it as an on demand item. However, if you have vinyl on hand, we can sell it for you in the store. If you want to manufacture vinyl, we can press it for you at great rates! Our current minimum run is 50 units and you can find our price list here.

How is Atlantic Music Store hosted?

We operate our website through Shopify using custom themes and programming to work our magic. Atlantic Music Store is near completion and will be launching in beta mode June 2021. Every artist will get their own unique landing page and product collection on our site! 

Album Info

Still got questions? Let's have a chat.

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