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Orion Entertainment  / Atlantic Music

Formed in 2001 Orion Entertainment Inc. is the operating company for Atlantic Music. Prior to forming Orion Entertainment Robert Buck from Mount Pearl, NL has a long and varied music career positioning him at the top of his field.

In 1989 he began in music retail and in 1991 moved to distribution and manufacturing. Spanning over 10 years in distribution and manufacturing as VP Operations with Tidemark Music and Distribution Ltd.

After forming Orion Entertainment Inc. he spent 12 years as the regional director of Music Manufacturing Services (MMS Atlantic) and most recently as the owner operator of Atlantic Disc and DVD.


Through the years he has gained unparalleled insight into the industry as it has grown and developed:

He has participated in the layout & design for hundreds of recordings, has consulted for the ECMA in the building of their automated website. Robert is also a former studio owner and founding partner of Avondale Music. He has worked with thousands of Atlantic Canadian artists to help bring their recordings to fruition.

He has developed web sites and has worked part time as an IT consultant for several companies.


He has developed numerous catalogues, brochures and print ads.


Outside of music Robert has achieved his MBA and has a strong and active background in accounting, business practices and finance.

He is the past treasurer of the Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (2002-2003, 2015-2016), former ECMA vice chair (2002-2004) and has won four East Coast Music Awards as an independent music distributor. He is still an active musician in the local traditional group Station Road.

Robert can be contacted directly at Robert AT

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